Hello Fresno!

Welcome all bowlers of Fresno and surrounding areas.

Did you know there is a small but keen group of Lawn Bowlers in the area? Why not come join us for this gentle low cost sport that anyone can play. See the rest of this site to find your way to our green (thanks City of Fresno), to understand the mental challenge of bowling on a bias,  and for more understanding of one of the few sports where men and women compete on the same teams in the same games.

The sport has been played since Sir Francis Drake’s days in England. Now it is your turn.

Here are all our players and the team from Cambria who came to visit over the Apr 16/17 weekend, and managed to take home our challenge trophy. While game scores were tied, they had a better average margin.  See photos section for more action from the weekend. Not shown is the great food provided mostly by the ladies of Fresno. Thank You all.

Return Match Tournament:    August 20 & 21 in Cambria.


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