Planning Lawn Bowls trips for 2017

Of course we want to send a team to Oakmont to play our old mentor and big time groundskeeper Bob Dodd up in the Napa Area.  See notice below and let Craig or Dennis know if you are interested.    Some of us will definitely go to Opening Day on the Green (a fun, casual, very large tournament where beginners are welcome) on Rossmoor’s 3 greens as well as other events.

While we await PIMD posting the final calendar for 2017, download an interim version here:  PIMD 2017 Calendar.

Lawn Bowls trip from Fesno to Santa RosaPlus we would like to organize a few of our own tournaments this year. At least a mixed doubles event (one man, one lady on each team) and a mixed triples tournament (at least one lady/ at least one man on each team). And how about a men’s singles tournament? Craig and Cyril (our 2017 Press and VP) are the people to discuss this with.

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